Prof Don Towsley profere palestra sobre computação quântica (4a feira, 11 AM)

Título: The Future Quantum Internet: Research Challenges
Local: auditório do bloco G do CT
dia: quarta, 21/Agosto
hora: 11:00

The Future Quantum Internet: Research Challenges

D. Towsley
College of Information & Computer Sciences
UMass – Amherst


Quantum information processing is at the cusp of having significant impacts on
technology and society in the form of providing unbreakable security,
ultra-high-precision distributed sensing with applications to metrology and
science discovery (e.g., LIGO), much higher-rate deep space optical
communications than possible with conventional systems, and polynomial speeds
up on graphical search with implications to big data. Most of these
applications are enabled by high-rate distributed shared entanglement between
pairs and groups of users. A critical missing component that prevents crossing
this threshold is a distributed infrastructure in the form of a world-wide
“Quantum Internet”  to enable this. This motivates our study of quantum
networks, namely what the right architecture is and how to operate it, i.e.,
route multiple quantum information flows, and allocate resources fairly and

In this talk we review a specific entanglement-based quantum network
architecture and present opportunities and challenges related to resource
sharing among multiple parties of users.  In particular, we focus on issues
related to resource allocation based on global/local state information and the
benefits of path diversity. Last, we evaluate the performance of an
entanglement-based quantum switch.


Don Towsley holds a B.A. in Physics (1971) and a Ph.D. in Computer Science
(1975) from University of Texas.  He is currently a Distinguished Professor at
the University of Massachusetts in the College of Information & Computer
Sciences.  He has held visiting positions at numerous universities and
research labs. His research interests include network science, performance
evaluation, and quantum networking.

He was co-founder and Co-Editor-in-Chief of the ACM Transactions on Modeling
and Performance Evaluation of Computing Systems (TOMPECS), and has served as
Editor-in-Chief of  IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking and on numerous
editorial boards.  He has served as Program Co-Program Chair of several
conferences including INFOCOM 2009.

He is a corresponding member of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences and has
received several achievement awards including the 2007 IEEE Koji Kobayashi
Award and the 2011 INFOCOM Achievement Award. He has received numerous Test of
Time Awards.  He also received the 1998 IEEE Communications Society William
Bennett Best Paper Award. Last, he has been elected Fellow of both the ACM and